Recruitment FAQs: 

What is Values Based Recruitment? 

Values Based Recruitment is based on conversations between PNMs and chapter members about the organization’s values. Becoming a member of a sorority is an important life choice, and recruitment is the opportunity to learn about the benefits of joining an organization and find the best fit. On the first day of Recruitment, all PNMs will visit all 6 chapters and learn about the sisterhoods each chapter shares. The second day will include longer parties that are focused on the philanthropic values of each chapter, and PNMs can visit a maximum of 4 of the chapters. The last day of recruitment is Preference Night, which consists of a more intimate and longer interactions with a maximum of two chapters. The evening will end with PNMs preferencing their top chapter. On Monday, Sept. 24th, PNMs will receive bids and then go celebrate with their new chapters!


What chapters participate in Formal Recruitment?

Alpha Phi- @alphaphidu on Instagram 

Chi Omega- @chiomegadu on Instagram

Delta Delta Delta - @dutridelta on Instagram

Delta Gamma- @du_deltagamma on Instagram

Delta Zeta- @dudeltazeta on Instagram

Gamma Phi Beta - @gphidu on Instagram


Do I need letters of recommendation?

Recommendation or reference letters are written by an alumnae or current member of a Panhellenic organization on behalf of a potential new member. This letter serves as an introduction of the PNM to the respective chapter and allows the chapter to learn more about the PNM in advance. Letters of recommendation are by no means necessary at the University of Denver, however chapters appreciate the input. To learn more about submitting a recommendation letter, please contact the respective chapters. 


If I participate in recruitment, am I obligated to join a chapter?

Going through the Formal Recruitment process is by no means a binding agreement to join a chapter. Many women register for recruitment in order to connect with other women going through the process and learn more about the DU Panhellenic community. PNMs can drop out of the process at any point.


What are the financial obligations?

Each chapter has different costs associated with them. The quarterly dues for members not living in the chapter house ranges from $429 to $825, with additional new member costs. The financial breakdown for each chapter can be found here.   


Does everyone receive a bid?

Although it is rare, sometimes PNMs are released from the Formal Recruitment Process, meaning a potential new member has not been asked to return to any of the chapters for the next round of the process. The PNM’s Rho Gamma will notify any released women as soon as possible and discuss other possible options moving forward. 


Are there option for someone who has been released?

Some chapters participate in Continuous Open Bidding (COB)throughout the rest of the school year. There will be a COB Kickoff Event Sept. 28th after Formal Recruitment with the potential of bids being awarded outside of the Formal Process. Alpha Delta Chi is an affiliate Panhellenic chapter that does not participate in Formal Recruitment and instead recruits members later in the year. The University of Denver’s Fraternity and Sorority Life community consists of the Multicultural Greek Council, whose intake process takes place later in the year. 


What should I wear during recruitment?

For Day 1 of Recruitment, you will be provided with a T-Shirt to wear ahead of time. Pair this with jeans, shorts, or a skirt with comfortable shoes – you will be walking and on your feet a lot! During Day 2, most PNMs choose to wear a sundress or skirt with comfortable wedges or sandals. Preference Night is the most formal round, and the outfits should reflect that. For Bid Day, new members will receive a new T-Shirt from their chapter. 

See our Pinterest page here for inspiration!


Do I have to be a first year?

No! There are no restrictions regarding age or class to register for recruitment, and non-first years are extremely encouraged to go through recruitment! 


How much of a time commitment is a sorority?

You get out of the experience what you put into it when joining a chapter! All chapters have weekly mandatory meetings and offer other sisterhood, philanthropy, scholarship and social events. However, sorority life at DU is not all-consuming and allows members to have time to be involved in any other organization on campus. From club and intramural sports, theatre, choir, dance team, clubs and business/professional fraternities, Panhellenic women do it all! 


What are Rho Gammas?

Rho Gammas are women currently in affiliated Panhellenic chapters at DU that have chosen to not recruit with their respective chapters and instead guide PNMs through the recruitment process. It is their job to make sure everyone has a low stress, enjoyable weekend. Your Rho Gamma will be able to answer any questions, give advice, and offer valuable input regarding Panhellenic and life in general at DU! 


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